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The technology industry continues to be a major contributor to Utah’s economy, growth, and overall success. We know the foundation of this success is our incredible entrepreneurial community members who represent diverse backgrounds, voices, talents, and perspectives.

Utah Tech Leads is focused on growing the political participation of Utah's tech community by providing funding, creating a pipeline of potential candidates to run for local office, supporting those candidates, and training delegates to represent our interests. With the fast pace of technology growth in Utah, it’s imperative that we have representatives who truly understand the issues facing tech companies, the obstacles to scaling our growth, and the needs of our diverse workforce.

To build the future of Utah’s innovation community, we need to stand together, build a network, and make our voice heard on Utah’s Capitol Hill. If we band together, we’ll be a powerful force for good for all Utahns.

We cannot know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been. It’s that simple. To build the future of Utah’s innovation community, we research companies, trends and strategies for our members.









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Join the UTL Association Utah tech companies are fortunate to be operating in a community that values business and innovation.  But each year, members of the Utah State Legislature propose hundreds of bills that could negatively  impact our  businesses. Whether or not you have a government relations team internally, it’s difficult to keep track of the hundreds of bills that are presented during each legislative  session. These bills often focus on a range of topics: taxation, content moderation, HR practices, workforce, digital assets, finances , and education. Utah Tech Leads  is your resource to stay informed, engaged and involved in this process.

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